Safety & Memberships

Safety & Memberships


Fort McKay Logistics LP is committed to ensuring "no harm" to our most valuable asset- people. We believe that safety is everyone's responsibility and can only be achieved through the active participation of all employees.

"Safety...Our Way of Life"

Safety Highlights for Fort McKay Logistics LP

  1. Certificate of recognition with the partnerships in injury reduction
  2. Voted most improved contractor in 2010 by Syncrude
  3. Introduced a new program called E-Compliance to allow better all-around access for everyone to access safety stats, complete observation and inspection directly in the field with the application on their mobile device

Fort McKay Logistics LP have the following approved accounts:

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Member Association

Fort McKay Logistics is a proud member of Alberta Motor Transportation Association (AMTA), our drivers have greatly benefited from the defensive driving course with AMTA’s advance tractor trailer simulator which was provided right on site.

Fort McKay Logistics has an excellent working relationship with Leavitt Training which provides a high standard of assorted online and classroom training courses to help our transportation division remain in full compliance.



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