Fort McKay Logistics LP is an asset based transportation service provider in Alberta. We offer LTL, FTL, Line Haul, and dedicated trucks for clients transporting anything from the smallest package to the largest load using a variety of equipment.

Fort McKay Logistics LP prides itself on delivering safe, reliable transportation services to our customers by upholding high safety standards and training to every member of our team.

Transportation Solutions

We offer our clients cost reduction opportunities every day to save them time and money for their operations.

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Fort McKay Logistics uses a number of different systems to ensure our transportation department runs efficiently.

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We have 2 terminals located in Alberta, one in Edmonton and one in the Fort McKay Industrial Park, 58 km north of the Fort McMurray town.

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Less Than Truck Load (LTL)

These shipments are highly cost effective. Freight can be transported for a fraction of the cost of an exclusive shipment.

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Full Truckload (FTL)

Freight is only handled once when being loaded, cutting down on transit time.

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Line Haul - Provincial

We offer line haul service from Edmonton to Fort McMurray 7 days a week.

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Hot Shot

We offer a competitive hot shot service to our clients that are requesting freight to be hauled at an expedited fashion.

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Vendor Sweeps

We complete various vendor sweeps for several clients in the Fort McMurray and Edmonton region.

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Dedicated Fleet

Enjoy the benefits of having your own fleet without the risks and expenses.

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Freight Brokerage

Connecting shippers with qualified carriers for transportation of goods.

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Fort McKay Logistics has a wide variety of equipment to help meet your transportation needs.

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Delivering Solutions for the North and Beyond

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