As part of our commitment to ensuring that clients receive the support and service they need, we use an innovative Track N Trace solution.

This customized software creates a medium for all clients to view real-time data related to their shipments and products, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Clients receive real-time visibility into all touchpoints, via scans and confirmations, from pickup to delivery throughout the Fort McKay Logistics distribution channels.

Track N Trace is a web-based data warehouse, reporting, and analytics platform catered to Fort McKay Logistics supply chain services.

 Track Your Packages

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From order input to final delivery, Track and Trace provides the users with a comprehensive end to end visibility of the packages they transport. The solution not only provides visibility, but also accuracy, flexibility and increased efficiencies as the data is used to increase operational efficiencies. The solution includes order scheduling, pickup and delivery operations through the use of a mobile devices, cross dock operations, and line haul operations.

Every time a package is processed through the system, whether to change an attribute or to pick up or deliver, it is scanned, and information is recorded, ensuring that at any time, the system knows where the package is, who performed the action, and when the action was performed.

This creative solution ensures that FMGOC is able to provide its clients with cutting-edge support that they can rely on.

Our fleet trucks are all equipped with E-Log systems by CyntrX . These systems are capable of tracking a variety of means:

  • Speed
  • Fuel consumption
  • Location
  • Maintenance
  • Communications
  • Engine diagnostics
  • Onboard Event Recording (OER) for accident reconstruction
  • Electronic Log Books

CyntrX is a program that allows us, to keep in contact with our trucks through a GPS system. 




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